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asal kamalat e sulemani book

Kamalat e Sulemani

Kamalat e Sulemani book is all about Rohaniyat, Amliyat, Taweezat, Kala Jadu (sehr), Sifli ilm, ilm e najom, ilm e jafar, ilm ul adad, ilm e harof, ilm qayafa, Kama Sutra, Jantra, Mantra, Tantra and Yoga.

biochemic urdu book


This is an urdu book about Biochemic a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health.

tantrik vidya book

Tantrik Vidya

There are thousands books are available on Tantra in market but Tantrik Vidya is a single urdu book on internet that delivers the right information of Tantra Yoga to you.

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